GranuFlex® Extra Thin Dressing

The GranuFlex® Extra Thin hydrocolloid dressings protect wounds that are lightly exuding and offer continuous care throughout the healing process.


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GranuFlex® Extra Thin dressing is a hydrocolloid dressing indicated for the management of lightly exuding wounds. It combines a unique ConvaTec hydrocolloid formulation that distinguishes it from other hydrocolloid dressings and a vapor-permeable outer film to provide an occlusive moist environment.
Key clinical benefits include:
easy to use*1, mould and can be cut to shape to allow the convenient management of wounds in awkward areas;
can be used on skin tears and superficial wounds, as well as dry to lightly exuding dermal ulcers;
protects wounds that are lightly exuding, newly-formed tissue or skin at risk of further breakdown through friction and shear;
create a moist wound-healing environment that supports reepithelialisation *2;
can be used on the body as a primary or secondary dressing.


1. Forshaw A. Hydrocolloid dressings in paediatric wound care. J Wound Care 1993;2(4):209–212.

2. Greguric S, Budimcic D, Soldo BA et al. Hydrocolloid dressing versus a conventional dressing using magnesium sulphate paste in the management of venous leg ulcers. Acta Dermatovenerol Croat 1994;2:65-71.

Please note: This product does not contain latex.

Please see package insert for complete instructions for use.

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